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Introducing Heritage Eastbourne’s Archaeology Collection

Kelly van Doorn In the past Heritage Eastbourne’s archaeology collection was underused, which is strange given the size of it! We have objects and archives from the St Anne’s Anglo-Saxon cemetery, Eastbourne Urban Medieval Excavation Project (EUMEP), Bullock Down, Beachy Head, Combe Hill, Summerdown, Motcombe… and the list goes on. Archaeology is a valuable resourceContinue reading “Introducing Heritage Eastbourne’s Archaeology Collection”

Stories from the Store – Artificial Leg made in Changi Prisoner of War Camp, 1944

Kelly van Doorn A small but fascinating part of the collection are the objects made by Prisoners of War. From French Napoleonic prisoners to South African Boers in Ceylon, each item tells a unique story of time and place. One which I would like to focus on is a rather unusual object… This item wasContinue reading “Stories from the Store – Artificial Leg made in Changi Prisoner of War Camp, 1944”

Stories from the Store From Rome with a coin

Kelly van Doorn Yesterday marked the 2773rd anniversary of the legendary founding of Rome. I say “legendary” because all the best stories are… and as with all stories, it’s best to start at the beginning. King Numitor ruled over Alba Longa, an ancient city in central Italy, until his younger brother Amulius usurped him andContinue reading “Stories from the Store From Rome with a coin”

Lights, Camera… Projector

Eastbourne has been home to many pioneering people, as well some of the inventions they have created. To celebrate British Science Week, we wanted to find out more about The Burville 16mm Sound Projector and the people behind its curtain (so to speak). It was designed and manufactured by Leslie Arthur Burville, Tommy Wilson, JackContinue reading “Lights, Camera… Projector”

Stories from the Stores – Sussex After the Bomb

Kelly van Doorn, Heritage Collections Officer Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the unveiling of the Peace Symbol. Originally used in protests against nuclear armament, it is now recognised globally as a symbol of world peace. With the Doomsday Clock teetering on the edge of Midnight’s global catastrophe, nuclear weapons and the threat they poseContinue reading “Stories from the Stores – Sussex After the Bomb”