Arthur Henry Crook

Eastbourne’s Key Workers Lizzie Williams Arthur Henry Crook was a doctor who lived in Eastbourne in the early to mid-1900s and worked at the Princess Alice Hospital for over 30 years. Arthur was born in 1884 in Southampton, and studied Natural Sciences at Christ College, Cambridge. He was awarded a scholarship to study medicine atContinue reading “Arthur Henry Crook”

Stories from the Store – Artificial Leg made in Changi Prisoner of War Camp, 1944

Kelly van Doorn A small but fascinating part of the collection are the objects made by Prisoners of War. From French Napoleonic prisoners to South African Boers in Ceylon, each item tells a unique story of time and place. One which I would like to focus on is a rather unusual object… This item wasContinue reading “Stories from the Store – Artificial Leg made in Changi Prisoner of War Camp, 1944”

Grace Milne-Miller

Lizzie Williams A few months ago, while researching the Eastbourne branch of the British Legion, I came across the name Sister Grace Milne Miller. I immediately thought that she was a Nun and wondered why she would be in Eastbourne. After a little research, I discovered that she was a medical Sister and that her storyContinue reading “Grace Milne-Miller”

The Rescuers in Eastbourne

Lizzie Williams With the anniversary of VE Day this week, we wanted to look at the stories of people from Eastbourne during the Second World War.  As we found out in our last blog post, Eastbourne suffered almost 100 air raids during the War. You can still see the marks of these bombing raids aroundContinue reading “The Rescuers in Eastbourne”

Peace! But Eastbourne Remembers

Katherine Buckland With the 75th anniversary of VE Day at the end of this week, we wanted to look back to what daily life was like for people in Eastbourne during the Second World War. On Friday 31st August 1939, two days before the declaration of war, Eastbourne received thousands of evacuated children from LondonContinue reading “Peace! But Eastbourne Remembers”

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