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  • Welcome to our blog

    1st Aug 2019 by

    Everyone leaves behind traces of their lives; a worn step, a scratched mark in a church wall, a lost button, a forgotten letter. Using these physical traces we recreate past lives and tell lost stories of the people of Eastbourne.   By making tangible links to real people, by walking the same ground, learning through… Read more

  • Holes to rival Parson Darby’s?

    8th May 2023 by

    ~Tales from The Beachy Head Story~ Posted by: Annalie Looking into the validity of Parson Darby’s Hole and all the legends that surround it gives us an interesting view of the landscape.  We’re uncovering not just one ghost-of-a-cave, but many ghostly caves.  One of the newspaper articles that has us intrigued was printed all around… Read more

  • Parson Darby and the Legend of a Landscape

    16th Apr 2023 by

    ~Tales from the Beachy Head Story~Posted by: Annalie A Land of Extremes The Beachy Head Downland landscape is one of extremes, of terror and danger at the knife edge of the ocean, on a sunny day this is a pleasant place for a gentle stroll over undulating hills, on a windy day, this is a… Read more

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