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Welcome to our blog

What we do…

This blog will explore some of the stories of Eastbourne, have a closer look at the objects in our collections and keep you up to date on what we’re up to!

To start us off, we present our mission statement:

Everyone leaves behind traces of their lives; a worn step, a scratched mark in a church wall, a lost button, a forgotten letter.

Using these physical traces we recreate past lives and tell lost stories of the people of Eastbourne.  

By making tangible links to real people, by walking the same ground, learning through life enhancing experiences, challenging the way people think and inspiring and stimulating debate, we explore what it means to be human in Eastbourne in a different time.

We intend to engage with every school child, every visitor, every resident, using the human experience, in the day to day lives of people in Eastbourne through time. We aim to empower the public with the opportunities to do this within their local environment and also at our exhibitions, through outreach, events and project work.

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